Offer equal opportunities to all persons
I have come that you may have life and
have it to the full.
John 10.10
Support and empowerment
of Vulnerable persons
whatever you do to the least of my sister or brother, you do to me.
Mathew 25: 40


SEV Foundation, Support and Empowerment of Vulnerable persons, is a charitable, religious, socio-pastoral, socio-economic and educational charitable organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3)1of the Internal Revenue Code, 1986, or the corresponding provision of any future federal law.

History of SEV Foundation: SEV is founded by Sr. Jackie Atabong a member of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Therese ofthe Child Jesus in Cameroon. 

Power of One Recipient: Sr. Jacqueline Manyi Atabong

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