We offered educational opportunities to 74 children in the academic year 2019/2020. These children have been out of school for more than three years since war broke out in the English speaking part of Cameroon in 2016.
There are thousands of children out of school since then. These children have been displaced, lost their homes, parents, and have been out of school with little or no financial or emotional support. We sent them back to school, thanks to our benefactors. We can reach out to many more with your help.

SEV Prime-Digital Program

SEV intends to donate computers to  primary/grade schools each year to  expose children in poor communities have access to IT . IT classes shall be introduced and integrated in their curriculum. Teachers shall be hired to execute the program


We intend to provide opportunities for girls in schools in remote villages to be computer literate. This will increase their communication skills and broaden their chances for jobs in the future.

We intend provide 20 computers in two schools. Computer classes shall be integrated into the program of 2 pilot secondary/ high schools in under privilege areas every 2 years.

Post-secondary -Tech-Girls shall be given scholarship to pursue their interest in IT maintenance, web building, computer programming etc.

No girl left behind! The girl child in many under privileged communities do not get the opportunity to be tech-pro. This makes them among others to be lack skills that could make them self-employed and financially independent. Becoming self-reliant will improve their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-determination. Consequently, they could participate in personal and community decision making processes and make choices for themselves as well as avoid abusive marriages and relationships.

Onset of programs: Fall and Summer every academic year

SEV intends to empower local women and girls to be confident, enlightened, serviceable . SEV supports women development so that they can contribute, integrate, make and support their choices with actions, and participate in family and nation building in proactive ways.

SEV offers second chances to school dropouts:

Opportunities for training young girls in hotel management, catering, sewing, hair dressing, soap making, and processing local products like natural juices. SEV commits to training young women to acquire marketing running and in running small businesses that will enable them to become self-employed and financially self -reliant.

SEV Micro-Finance for local Women:
SEV has been running micro finance projects for local women in village communities in Sabongari for close to 17 years. This has empowered poor women in local communities and has made them self-confident and financially self-reliant. These women run their own small-businesses, pay their hospital bills, sponsor their children in school and take care of their families. SEV is committed to spread such initiatives in many more local communities.

All year round

SEV’s commitment to serve the people of God through acts of Social Justice is the backbone to all its actions. SEV preaches the gospel of Christ through acts of love, fairness and equal opportunities offered to ALL.

SEV provides Legal assistance to prisoners:

SEV offers second chances to offenders and ex-offenders. Convicts and ex-convicts are offered help through a holistic one to one, person centered/oriented care. SEV offers individual physical, psycho-social, socio-economic, legal and spiritual assistance that the needs of our clients through a multidimensional team. Core members are assisted for at least two and a half to 4 years after imprisonment, until they are well settled in their communities.

SEV’s Second Chance Opportunities
Rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-inmates

Supports the reentry process of ex-inmates

Food Pantry
We provide supplementary food supply to the most needy

Offers holistic support to victims, offenders and their families

Home, opportunities to learn new skills, creative, and to growth
We created a shelter for abused and battered girls in Douala, for women and girls who due to war have been displaced and are having a hard time.
We offer shelter, medical care, food, work or learning opportunities for free.
10 young girls who had dropped out of school due to the 2016 upheaval in Cameroon which is still on going, found shelter with us. They now have a home, are getting re-orientated and trying to restart life again. Some are in
school while others are learning a trade.

We offer safety and a second chance: Life is the highest gift we can give to each other. Offering support to single mothers abandoned to themselves, is our goal. We offer shelter to girls who are battered or abused.

In addition to the resettlement of victims and offenders, SEV runs a Restorative Justice programs that encourage healing peace and reconciliation in schools, jails, churches, communities etc.

SEV Stay Clean Program:

SEV works towards providing help to persons challenged with the use of alcohol and drugs to stay clean

We advocate for the respect of the minimum standards of the rights of prisoners and for prisoners to take responsibility and use the opportunities offered them for reformation.

SEV commits to provide clean and safe water supply to communities in an effort to promote hygiene and good health. SEV intends to provide bore holes to communities in need of clean and safe water supply each year