Our values are love, service and respect that empower people to live dignified lives.

Based on Christ Love for marginalized persons, SEV seeks to love and serve defenseless persons by offering equal opportunities to all and supporting those most vulnerable in our communities.

SEV works in collaboration with dioceses, religious and secular institutes and individuals that share values that propagate social justice, respect life and Christian values.


To provide safety, stability, educational and health care opportunities to under privileged children such as: children of prisoners, abandoned children, sexually and physically abused and battered children, orphans, children who are victims of human and drug trafficking, victims of war, child soldier, children in poor areas in the USA, Africa, and beyond.

Girls / Women:

  • To provide educational opportunities for school dropouts and literacy classes for adult women.
  • Prevent early marriages through education, training and skill acquisition
  • To provide holistic empowerment through emotional, socio-economic, legal, and spiritual support to single mothers, battered women, victims of poverty, war, human and drug trafficking, immigrants, and ex-convicts that will lead to self-reliance.


  • To provide access to health care and supplementary food to the very poor and destitute
  • To provide temporal accommodation and holistic assistance to convicts and ex-convicts such that they can have a smooth re-insertion and integration into the society.
  • To provide psychological assistance and care to the emotionally disturbed
  • Empower women, and the girl child, providing opportunities small loans to women, as well educational opportunities to girls, as well as assist people who are victims of social Injustice
  • Offer opportunities for education by paying tuition for under privilege children, provide health care, food, and basic necessities to children.
  • Offer skill acquisition to singles mothers, school dropouts and young girls in order to make them self-reliant
  • Provide empower women by supporting microfinance to women’s groups in order to break the cycle of poverty and help them participate in family decision making processes actively
  • Offer opportunities to young men, juveniles, convicts and ex-convicts and their families to facilitate a smooth reentry process in to the community and reduce recidivism.

SEV sources funds and collaborates with other NGO and Church structures to assist refugees and victims of war, providing basic necessities, shelter, and health care.

SEV holistic approach to care is a person oriented, individualized care that offers physical, social, psychological, socio-economic, spiritual, legal assistance considering the cultural context of the person in question.

Restorative Justice principles, justice that transforms, looks beyond punishment, heals and reconciles is a major tool used by SEV.