Marie Clair Graduates with College Diploma

Marie Claire graduates with a college diploma in Banking and Finance, in 2023, sponsored by SEV Foundation.

Marie Claire is a remarkable young woman who has just graduated with excellent results in the college diploma program on Banking and Finance. She is determined to attain a bachelor’s degree in banking and Finance. Although brilliant, Marie Claire lost both her parents when she was 5 years old. Her grandmother who took care of her was sickly and had no job.  Marie Claire dropped out of school. after completing primary education because of a lack of finances. Her grandmother unfortunately also died when Marie Claire was 14 years old.


Fortunately, when Marie Claire came in contact with the SEV Foundation one year after she dropped out of school, she has since then been sponsored by the SEV Foundation through secondary, high school, and university. She recently graduated with a Diploma in Banking and Finance and is pursuing her BA in the same. Marie Claire is an intelligent young woman whose dignity, self-confidence, and self-reliance have been redeemed and re-assured by the SEV Foundation. Despite being an orphan, Marie Claire dreams of making a difference in her family and in the world as a banker. She expresses her gratitude to the foundation for allowing her to gain new skills and for giving her hope. At SEV Foundation, we serve disadvantaged children who aspire to impact their communities positively.

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